Teeth Whitening At Home with Bondi Smile

Bondi Smile’s teeth whitening products and teeth whitening kit have become extremely popular across Australia. People are becoming increasingly aware of how teeth whitening at home and natural teeth whitening with Bondi Smile really does work and can lighten teeth by up to eight shades! Teeth whitening in London and teeth whitening in Manchester are becoming increasingly popular because our products really do work.

Best teeth whitening

Established in 2016, Bondi Smile is a leading edge teeth whitening brand, and we are working hard to make our products the best available for our customers. Teeth whitening in London and Manchester has really taken off, which is fantastic because we know how important it is to have good-looking teeth.

Did you know that our teeth whitening kits have the highest legal percentage formula in the UK? They are dental grade carbamide peroxide (18%). Every teeth whitening kit comes with three gel syringes, a teeth tray, and an LED light to accelerate the teeth whitening at home process.

Natural teeth whitening

If you’re after a more natural alternative to teeth whitening, try our activated charcoal. It’s as simple as cleaning your teeth! Just add water and a tooth brush. Our dual whitening activated coconut charcoal with baking soda is made from organic coconut husks with added sodium bicarbonate for more effective whitening. 

Our Bondi Smile charcoal is not only effective at whitening teeth, but it also cleans and polishes teeth, freshens breath, and is fluoride-free.

The Bondi Smile home teeth whitening difference

Our teeth whitening system is one of the world’s favourites. All of our products are manufactured with care and product tested in the United States of America, unlike our competitors.  

We think our products are amazing, and we know you will too. If you’re using Bondi Smile, we’d love to see your results! Share your Bondi Smile selfie and tag us @bondismileuk and #bondismileuk on Instagram!

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